GAM Gear Introduces the PMK (Parallel Mount Kit)

PMK Parallel Mount Kit Mount Prospect, IL – August 7, 2013 – GAM Gear, a manufacturer of precision gear reducers, servo couplings, and linear mounting kits (products designed to simplify connecting to linear actuators), introduces the PMK (Parallel Mount Kit). 

The PMK is the latest addition to GAM's innovative linear mount offering and is designed to enable virtually any motor to be connected in parallel to any linear ball screw actuator, regardless of manufacturer.   When there are space constraints on a machine design, the PMK can help save space compared to a typical inline motor mount configuration because the motor is to the side of the actuator. 

Available in four standard frame sizes from 3" up to 6" (based on effective height), the PMK has maximum output torques from 2.4Nm up to 46Nm in a 1:1 pulley transmission ratio.  The cover plate is machined from aircraft grade aluminum for high durability and then anodized for further protection.  The pulleys feature conical taper bushings for superior clamping forces and are connected with a high torque rubber timing belt for smooth operation.  All PMK's are designed for universal mounting which means they can be installed either horizontally or vertically without further specification.  The smallest size PMK (31) comes standard with a bearing support assembly which protects the ball screw shaft and bearings from radial loading associated with the belt tension.  

“Many ball screw manufacturers only have side mounting options for select motors, and often times our customers have different motors with no way to connect them together,” said Craig Van den Avont, President of GAM Gear, “We were able to address this issue and provide a flexible solution that is designed, manufactured, and shipped in two weeks standard.  No one else in the industry can do this but GAM.” 

While the PMK is newly announced to the marketplace, additional sizes, ratios and a belt tensioning system are already in development.  For more information on the PMK or any of the other linear mount products offered by GAM, visit our Linear Mounts page.

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