GAM Responds: GAM provides custom gearboxes to PVA for PREVENT Emergency Ventilator

PVA LogoPVA produces dispensing solutions. As COVID-19 spread, they moved to build the PREVENT Emergency Ventilator. The ventilator required a gearbox and PVA contacted GAM.

“This project has the potential for high unit volumes,” said Frank Hart, PVA Managing Director, Global Sales and Marketing. “GAM offers high quality gearboxes and quickly established themselves as a flexible source willing to ramp production to meet PVA demand.”

PE-N23 GearboxSolution

Upon being contacted by PVA, GAM was able to produce and ship a sample PE-N23 gearbox the next day.

After the initial test, the gearbox was redesigned with a larger output shaft. This provided additional radial load capacity and allowed PVA to use a standard pulley, saving time in producing the ventilator.

GAM designed and produced a customized PE-N23 gearbox and shipped it the same day. Testing was successful and the PREVENT Emergency Ventilator launched.


GAM was able to take the request from inquiry to production in less than 2 weeks. The PREVENT Emergency Ventilator is in production and PVA shared their results:

The GAM gearbox has performed very well thus far. While quality has been excellent, the biggest advantage to PVA was in GAM’s responsiveness. GAM had inventory available to quickly meet PVA’s rapid prototype. Gearboxes were often made the same day and overnighted to PVA for integration. Throughout this process GAM proved to be a true partner in assisting our product development.

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