Our History

GAM 30 years: 1990-2020GAM Enterprises began in 1990 when Gary Michalek saw an opportunity to start a long-term relationship with Jakob Antriebstechnik, a German based company who introduced the first servo bellows coupling into the machine tool market. We began as a distributor but soon realized to be successful, we needed to add manufacturing and soon became known as the company to call when you needed a custom bored coupling shipped same day.

In 1998, GAM Gear was formed with Craig Van den Avont, who left Rexroth Indramat as Chief Engineer to start our high precision gearbox company to complement GAM’s servo coupling product line. The gearbox product line and overall company has grown under his leadership.

Today, GAM is a leading provider of precision mechanical power transmission components used in the automation of machinery. GAM has a broad product range of gear-reducers, servo-couplings, safety-couplings, clamping systems, motor mount kits and other specialized mechanical solutions.

GAM’s mission is to give customers what they want and be able to provide it in small and large quantities at a superior value to the customer. Our motto is “Be Flexible to Meet Our Customer’s Requests and Give Great Service”. Having this clear goal, gives clarity to our entire team and an understanding of who we are, and what sets us apart from the competition. Nobody is more flexible and dynamic in our industry than GAM. As a result, GAM has averaged 15% annual growth since 2000 and is a previous INC Magazine Top 5000 fastest growing company winner.   

Our Vision

We will be the high performance, driven company in our industry that others will benchmark for our capabilities in lean manufacturing, spectacular customer service, engineering and innovative products. Our products and services will be focused on solving our customer’s problems and we will leverage our existing sales network to service the customer.  A strong balance sheet is paramount with profitable annual sales growth of 20% which will allow us to make investments for our future. GAM will live beyond that of our original owners and will be known for giving back and making a difference in the lives of others.

GAM Sign