EPL-H and EPR-H: Hollow Output Gear Reducers for Driving Linear Actuators

EPR-H and EPL-H GearboxesThe EPL-H inline and EPR-H right angle planetary gearbox series were designed specifically to address the difficulty of connecting a gearbox to a linear actuator. The hollow output and zero backlash clamping ring create the quickest and most economical way to add gearing to essentially any linear belt or ball screw.  

  • Unique hollow output gearbox
  • Precision cut planetary gears
  • Frame sizes from 64 mm to 118 mm
  • EPL Inline or EPR Right Angle versions

Download the Linear Products Brochure (pdf) for information on all GAM linear mount products including application examples

EPL-H Assembly to Linear Actuator

EPL-H Inline Planetary Gearbox

GAM Linear Mount Products: Everything Between the Motor and the Actuator